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Gunnison & Taylor Rivers Designated Gold Medal Trout Waters

Updated: Feb 10

January 18 the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) named the Gunnison & Taylor as the newest Gold Medal Trout Waters in the state. I have been lucky enough to help the Division of Wildlife (DOW) electro shock the Gunnison, Taylor & East Rivers and each time the results have shown a large enough biomass to meet the Gold Medal status.

Lots of information from Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Upper Gunnison River at Gunnison


For years I have floated the Gunnison, often throwing my fly into a likely spot and often saying "there should have been one there". I f shocking taught me one thing it's "there is usually more than one there, their just not always buying what I'm selling".

Will more people come here to fish? Yes every year more people go fishing, which makes for better people.

For years to come Gold Medal status will offer more protection to keep the rivers and trout habitat healthy.

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