Best dry fly fishing of the year is now!
Caddis, PMD's, Stoneflies, Drakes, Yellow Sallies and more.

Best Fishes,



Spring Runoff may be over sooner than later!

It has been a very warm windy spring with almost no precipitation.

The Gunnison and East Rivers will be running like chocolate milk for the next week.

Some of the smaller creeks, lakes and inlets, Taylor Rive, Pine Creek & East Portal (Bahamas) have all been fishing well.

Late May through July should be great fishing!

Before Global Weirding, high runoff has been between mid June and mid July.

The only good thing about an earlier runoff is our best hatches and dry fly fishing in June and July are much more productive when the water is lower.

The most productive patterns in the high water are big streamers & flashy nymphs.

Still the best time of year if you don't want to see any crowds.

Best Fishes,



Gotta love spring fishing! We saw no boats and one wade fisherman yesterday on the lower Gunnison, Good action on streamers, stones & BWO nymphs.

The river flows jumped over night and look to rise each day until the next cold snap this weekend.



Fishing on the lower Gunnison River picked up this week with very healthy trout feeding on stonefly nymphs, soft hackle jigs, BWO nymphs, zebra midges, eggs, worms & streamers.

Seems like there is a peak feeding hour here & there during the hours of 10am-6pm. Flows and water clarity are up and down with our weather & temperatures. Flows on the East this week have been as low as 70CFS & the highest today of 180. The Gunnison has been running between 375 & a high of 545 near Blue Mesa today. The Taylor will be releasing winter flows of 70cfs for at least a few more weeks.

The average Gunnison Snow pack sites say we are still at 98% of average snow pack for the date but looks to be melting quickly with much of the runoff seeping into our dry ground before it makes it to the river.

2/24/2022 Snow Pack Report

3 days later, another 1-3' of snow in the high country!


Most of our rivers and streams are mostly covered with ice until at least mid March.

PLEASE use caution while fishing in the winter, 1 small slip on the ice could lead to very bad day of fishing!

If you do find some open water, fishing is usually best during the heat of the day. If the water heats up a few degrees the trout may start feeding on small baetis nymps and midge emergers. Winter flies include; Zebra midges, rs-2's, Pheasant Tails, JuJu Baetis, Two Bit Hookers and small BWO Patterns. Most flies are fished in sizes 18-24 or even smaller fishing in the deeper runs with 6x leader.

When fish are actively feeding, grab a seine, see what they are eating and match the hatch!

If your fishing below Taylor Dam the same flies as above will work, just add a Mysis Shrimp 18-20.

The Roaring Judy Hatchery Ponds 4 miles North of our shop, is another good place to wet a line in the winter. The ponds are fed by warm springs so they don't often freeze solid.


Taylor River - Below Taylor Reservoir
(aka Hog Trough)

Taylor River Below Taylor Reservoir.jpeg

East River Almont

East River at Almont.jpeg

Gunnison River - River Walk (McCabes Lane)

Gunnison River County RD 32.jpeg

Taylor River - Almont

Taylor River in Almont.jpeg

Taylor River - Above Taylor Reservoir

Taylor River above Taylor Reservoir.jpeg

Lake Fork of The Gunnison River - Gateview

Lake Fork of  the Gunnison at Gateview.jpeg

Gunnison River - East Portal

Gunnison River East Portal.jpeg

More USGS River Flows


Cochetopa Creek near Parlin

Cochetopa Creek near Parlin.jpeg

Ohio Creek

Ohio Creek near Gunnison.jpeg

Tomichi Creek in Gunnison

Tomichi Creek in Gunnison.jpeg


Timing of hatches can change with elevations varying between 7,000' - 12,000'.

Hatch Chart Gunnison.jpg