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Fishing Report

You can always call for a current fishing report. 

Realtime River Flow links to the USGS are at the bottom of the page,

(some gauges are frozen until spring thaw).

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Winter Fishing 2023

Besides Ice Fishing there are few options for fishing in the Gunnison Valley. The 1/4 mile below Taylor Dam is about a  30 minute drive from Almont and holds some of the largest trout in the state. If fish are in the mood to eat the windows are short and the flies are small. Flows out of the Dam will stay around 85cfs, long, fine leaders and tippets with very good drifts are the only way to trick these trout, and a little luck. At low winter flows, and much of the rest of the year, you are site fishing so weight you're rigs to the proper depth of the feeding lanes. Midges are the only thing on the menu here until late May or early June. Nymph offerings include RS-2's, Mysis Shrimp, JuJu Bees, Miracle Nymphs, Black Beauties, Pheasant Tails and Mole Flies. None larger than 18's and as small as you're willing to go, don't be afraid to try different stuff! If they start eating on top try your smallest BWO's, Adams, Midge Emergers or other itty bitty dries. 

Bring warm clothes and a thermos of something warm and don't be surprised if there are lots of other diehards fishing when you get there, fishing spots are limited here in the winter.


Roaring Judy Hatchery Ponds

Another close by option for a quick fish fix are the Hatchery Ponds between Almont and Crested Butte are fed by warm springs and rarely iced over. Winter flies here are like winter bugs below Taylor Dam or anywhere else in the winter. Seems like I'm usually looking for a hungry fish rather than the right fly.

Hatch Chart

Gunnison County Varies from 7,000' to 14,000' in elevation so hatches that start in warmer lower elevations can take a month or more to move into the high country. Green Drakes can hatch in the lower Gunnison in June but not until August on the reaches of the upper Taylor River.

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