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Answers to All Your Questions

Whether you have a question about one of our trips or clinics, I always try to be as transparent as possible. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, please get in touch and I will do my best to answer swiftly.

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Do I need to have all the gear to fish with Almont Anglers.

No. Whether you are new to fly fishing or just don't want to bring all the gear, we are happy to supply all the fishing gear you require for the day.

We have all the waders, rods, reels, line and tackle you need as well as an amazing collection of flies. 

You should bring; polarized sunglasses, a ball cap or wide brim hat, sun protection and have a Colorado Fishing License available on line here


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What happened to the Fly Shop?

After owning the shop for 28 years, the Resort was finally purchased and the new owner decided not to renew my lease.

Although I will very much miss working in the shop with Rick & Les, and visiting with all my shop customers it was a great run!

I have kept all my Outfitter Permits and am excited to be out of the retail business and on the river full time in the best office in the world.

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How are you different from other outfitters?

Being different than the others is just more fun!

After guiding 30 years in the valley we still enjoy helping others catch fish as much as catching fish ourselves.

While most outfitters have the same price for 1 or 2 people in a boat, we offer a lower price for 1 angler. After all if we are supplying half the flies, tackle & lunch you should get the discount!.

We didn't just graduate from a 2 week guide course, (although some days we wonder). While we can't always help our clients catch tons of fish when the bite is slow, we promise to do our best to help you catch "The One", and with our coaching we hope to make you a better angler when the bite is on.

Best fishes,


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