Gunnison Area Fishing Report

April 22, 2021

Floated North Bridge to McCabes  on a quick R & D 11:30-4:00 only caught a dozen with dozens of interested trout not willing to commit, maybe because of the 50cfs drop yesterday (very low flows with a few mandatory get out and drag the boat spots). Saw very few midges & BWO's on top water, fish netted on Black, White & Olive Sculpzillas size 4, Pat's Rubber Legs Orange or Olive Size 10-12, Soft Hackle Jig Pheasants Size 14. Pretty much looking for hungry fish rather than the right fly.


April 20, 2021

Floated the Gunnison from White Water Park To Wilson's today noon til 4pm. We caught healthy Rainbows & Browns 12"-18"s on Soft Hackle Jig Pheasant Tails Size 14, BWO nymphs Size 18, Peg Eggs and when the wind tried to blow us back up river Black Sculpzilla's Size 4. Lots of midges & size 20 BWO's hatching throughout the afternoon. Loading the boat we found 2 adult stoneflies size 10ish trying to hitch a ride, shoulda fished a Pat's as well.

The rivers have been dropping for over a week now with the colder cloudy temperatures and the Gunnison is running 1/2 the 94 year average. Expect fishing to turn on whenever we get the next warm spell. May & June should be fishing very well but with all of Colorado in a drought, we may have tough fishing later in the summer if the rains don't develop.

The Taylor Catch and Release fishes similar to the rest of the area through the spring plus the Mysis Shrimp.

Size 18-24; RS-2's. WD-40's, JuJu Bee's, Zebra Midges, Cheeseman Emergers, Barr's Emergers, BWO's, Hitching Midges, Parachute Midges, Mole Flies, Miracle Nymphs, Parachute Midges, Midge Larva, Black Beauties, Soft Hackles.

Egg patterns are working well, just watch out for the Rainbows spawning beds.

Current Gunnison County River Flows

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Most gauges are frozen through the winter and start to thaw out in March & April.

Taylor River at Almont Gauge.jpg

Taylor River

at Almont

There are 21 miles of the Taylor River between the Reservoir and our shop where the Taylor joins the East river to form the Gunnison River. The .4 miles of the Catch & Release, C & R, aka Hog Trough is the most famous and pressured. There is a little over 10 more miles of public water with great fishing, mostly in the lower and middle stretch.

East River

at Almont

The East River begins 38 miles north at Emerald lake in the Maroon Bells Wilderness. The East River joins the Taylor River here at the fly shop to form the headwaters of the Gunnison River. Most of the East is private except for the Roaring Judy State Wildlife Area 4 miles north of the fly shop. There is also many miles of skinny water above Crested Butte andGothic.

Gunnison River in Gunnison Gauge.jpg

Gunnison River

in Gunnison

The Gunnison River is the largest tributary of the Colorado River and is 180 mile long. We primarily guide the 20 miles of the Upper Gunnison River from the fly shop to Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Taylor River below Taylor Dam.jpg

Taylor River

Below Taylor Dam

This River Gauge is located right below the dam on the Hog Trough. Winter Flows can be as low as 50 CFS. Peak spring flows can be as high as 1,200 CFS.

Ohio Creek above Gunnison.jpg

Ohio Creek 

in Gunnison

Not very much public water to fish on the Ohio Creek until you get up high enough where the willows crowd the creek. When the Ohio is on the rise or over a few hundred CFS the Gunnison River below is muddy.

Gunnison River

at McCabes Lane

The last gauge on the Gunnison before Blue Mesa Reservoir.



Taylor River above Taylor Reservoir.jpg

Taylor River

above Taylor Reservoir

This gauges the upper 20+ miles of the Taylor above Taylor Reservoir. A beautiful meandering river above 10,000'.

Lake Fork of the Gunnison at

Lake Fork of the Gunnison

at Gateview

The Lake Fork starts 50+ miles upstream above this gauge and flows into Blue Mesa Reservoir.. The rivers source is Sloan Lake above the largest natural lake in Colorado, Lake San Cristobal above Lake City. 

Gunnison River below Gunnison Tunnel.jpg

Gunnison River

East Portal

This gauge is after Blue Mesa, Crystal & Morrow Point Reservoirs before entering the Black Canyon. Helpful for planning fishing trips into the Black Canyon and the Gunnison River Gorge.

Cochatopa Creek near  Parlin.jpg



About a 45 minute drive from the shop.

High plains meandering trout water.


More Colorado River Flows

This is a great site if you are into the river flow history for the last 100+ years in Colorado. Plenty of graphs and tables.

NOAA Weather Logo.jpg

Gunnison Weather

For local weather and forcasts.


Because elevations in Gunnison County vary greatly (High 14,285 Feet. Low , 5,880 Feet) hatch times vary greatly as well. Insects hatch first at the lower elevations, as water temperatures warm the hatches continue into the high country. The Green Drake Hatch (largest mayfly of the year sizes 10-12) starts above Blue Mesa Reservoir in early June and finishes above Taylor Reservoir in Late July or mid August.

Elevation Profile Gunnison County.jpg