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I won't pretend to know much about entomology just what I have seen the last 25 years fishing Colorado. What do they say? "enough to be dangerous" No latin names and I don't know how many legs on each; but I'm pretty sure mayflies have 3 tails & stoneflies 2.

I do know we have a great variety of bugs and fly tying materials for any of the more selective trout you may come across in the Rocky Mountains.

So here is a little local bug info to get you started and of course some imitations that you can find in our shop.


Green Drake NymphGreen Drakes are our largest mayfly hatch of the year, local dry flies are a little more gray than they are green. Patterns are fished in sizes 10-14 compared to most other mayflies in the 16-20 range. This hatch starts at lower elevations in mid June & works its way into the high country by mid August. Drakes are stocky flat black nymphs that prefer the fast to medium fast waters.GABRIELS TRUMPET- BLACK






Stonefly Nymph



The largest stones (Pteronarcys) hatch in the Black Canyon & Gunnison GorgeTrina's Dog Puke-Salmon I Montana Fly Company , 60 miles & 3 reservoirs down stream from us. Local Stoneflies hatch spring thru fall and are fished in several patterns & sizes 6-14 with yellow sally stones fished 14-16. Larger Stimulators & other foam patterns are standard top water flies when fishing dry dropper rigs.




Caddis flies come in several colors listed here in order by what we see the most of; PARA. SLICK WATER CADDIS TANtan, olive, brown, black, yellow. Average sizes are 14-16 with some smaller & some larger. Spring & summer evenings can produce large hatches, making "happy hour" a great time to fish. Caddis Pupa & Larva are a good trout staple spring thru fall.


STREAM BANK HOPPER-YELLOWTerrestrial are all the other insects that are not hatched in the river but sometimes end up CRICKET (STALCUPS) there. Grasshoppers, Ants, Bees & Beetles can provide a lot of action on hot windy summer days when most of the hatches are done for the year.




We have more entomology products in the shop, hatch books, seines and entomology bottles. Or take a 2 hour Entomology Lesson with us; part on the water turning over rocks and stuff, part in the shop with our specimen bottles matching the naturals with the imitations.