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These are the local river gauges to check when flows are changing daily.

*(USGS photos are from last years high water in June.)*

East River Gauge here at the resort

East River @ the Almont Resort

Taylor River at Almont Gauge

Taylor River @ Almont

Taylor Damn Gauge

Taylor River Below Taylor Dam

Upper Taylor Gauge

Upper Taylor above Taylor Reservoir

Gunnison River Gauge

Gunnison River in Gunnison

Ohio Creek Gauge

Ohio Creek Near Gunnison

(can pump a lot of mud into the Gunnison downstream from here in spring time.)

Tommichi Creek Gauge

Tomichi Creek near Gunnison River

(can also pump mud).

Lake Fork of the Gunnison River at Gateview


Slate River Gauge


Gunnison River Below Gunnison Tunnel


MORE FLOWS! USGS Real-Time Water Data for Colorado

Trinas Bubbleback Emerger PMD

Trina's Bubble back Emergers PMD

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R.Lewis' Realistic Stone

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Gummy Minnow, Chocklett’s™

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Outrigger Caddis, Sloan's™

October 4th

Fall has arrived, and the fishing is great throughout the valley. With temperatures starting to drop over night, the leaves have turned and the colors are incredible. The cooler temperatures have brought out the smaller bugs with blue wing olives, tricos, and the occasional slate drake hatches. The kokanee salmon run is on and the fish are showing up in numbers from Blue Mesa to the Roaring Judy fish hatchery. These fish are red and easy to spot when in normal trout runs, usually pushing trout to the sides and backs of fishing holes. The peaks are starting to receive snow again and the brown trout are preparing to spawn making them uncharacteristically active and aggressive as they prepare to reproduce. Fishing is best mid to late day after the sun has the chance to warm the water just enough to get the small bugs moving.  Floating conditions will remain good as long as water conditions remain steady. The crowds are disappearing and the fishing is hot, call today and book your trip.
Flies to use: Grey, Olive, or Black Mercury Baetis Nymphs sizes 16-20, Pheasant Tails, Barr's Emergers in Sizes 18-22 are working well as are Two Bit Hookers 14-18 Caddis Puppa’s Size 14-18. Eggs, Worms, Classic Salmon flies (Big bright colorful) if you plan to target the Salmon.

Streamer fishing has been very good in-between hatches, Natural, Black & Olive Sculpzillas Sz 4-8 or Belldar Cone Buggers Black/Red Sz 4-8.

Blake Long, guide

August 28

Very sorry for the extended lapse in the fishing reports! All I can say is it has been a fantastic fishing season and we have all been busy guiding and the summer has gone by quicker than a Drake hatch.

The recent overcast sky's and rain have kept river flows high & the trout looking up. Dry fly fishing is still good with size 16-18 Blue Wing Olives, Slate Drakes Sz 14-16 (It's been difficult keeping stocked up on Parachute Adams this year!). Hopper dropper rigs on the sunny days. Grey or Olive Mercury Baetis Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, Barr's Emergers all in Sizes 18-22 are working well as are Two Bit Hookers 14-18. Streamer fishing has been very good in-between hatches, Natural, Black & Olive Sculpzillas Sz 4-8 or Belldar Cone Buggers Black/Red Sz 4-8.

Float fishing will remain great through September and we are all getting more personal time to fish this wonderful time over year when the kids go back to school & we have guided trip & cabin openings. 10% discount if you stay & fish with us!

Best fishes,


July 2nd

Floated Almont to McCabes today. Great dry fly fishing midday, Drakes & PMD's. Tan & Black Streamers hooked a bunch early & late. Rivers are dropping quick & the fish are looking up. Game on!

No Aerial spraying for mosquito's for a second year & the Gunnison is fishing great!

June 27th

Good mid-day hatches of PMD's & Drakes today on the lower Gunnison, only thing is they love to come off when the wind is howling. Caught em' on some pheasant tails & drake nymphs size 12-16. Fishing Tan, White & Black size 4 Sculpzillas was very entertaining!

June 18th

All of the rivers are dropping & fishing is turning on. The Gunnison is down to about 2,500 CFS today & float trips this week have been great fishing with Green Drake & Stonefly Nymps, some flyers lower on the Gunnison. Streamer fishing is hot, blacks, whites olives and tans.

The Taylor Dam was lowered twice this week and is now 400 CFS. Yesterday on the Taylor we saw a few Blue Wing Olives & bunch of caddis.

Geat here soon, days start getting shorter again on Sunday

June 14th 2014


Float fishing on the lower Gunnison as well as casting from the banks has been good. All of the Taylor River has been fishing well. Same flies & streamers as last report, more stones, more caddis, drake nymphs less eggs. Fishing should really turn on soon, once we see a significant drop in runoff. 

Some of the south facing high mountain creeks are clearing quickly.

We still have a few guides available for the 4th of July week.

Heres my guess on the flows.
Looks like we have seen peak runoff although the East, Taylor & gunnison Rivers, although they will remain high for the next few weeks.

Taylor River Gauging stations (click gauges to the right for current flows) both in Almont & Taylor Park show flows dropping the past 10 days so those drainages are drying up. Last I heard flows out of Taylor Reservoir are supposed to stay 500-600 cfs for a while.


East River flows were slowly coming down the last 10 days but have been rising the last 3 days. Lots of snow still above Crested Butte, I know I had a great day cat skiing at Irwin the 1st week of April (Thanks Ciss!). 

MAY 20th 2014 “Spring Runoff Chapter 3”

The last 6 weeks have been a roller coaster of river flows tied to the weather. Today is the 3rd peak over 2,000 cfs (cubic feet a second). April was warm so the Gunnison flowed over 2,000 cfs. Then it snowed some more, the ski area reopened for the weekend, 1st time in 40 years. So flows went back down to 1,000 end of April, warmed up again 1st week of May over 2,000 cfs again, a foot of snow in the yard back down to 1,100. Now temp’s are in the high 60’s & it is staying above freezing at night (for the most part), flows are over 2,200 cfs today. I expect 3,000 by the weekend on the Gunni, Tough Fishing!
On the better side of fishing, Taylor Lake iced out this weekend and the Taylor River is running clear at 436 cfs out of the Dam & 815 in Almont. Fast pocket water fishing on most of the Taylor. Water is a little cold and fishing is a little slow but starting to see some BWO’s (Blue Winged Olives) and Caddis Flies.
Fished an hour below the dam yesterday & caught a few Rainbows & a Brown on a size 16 orange egg with a size 20 Flash Back Pheasant Tail behind it.
Flows may be high for the next month unless it cools off again. By mid-June flows should be on the drop and all the fun begins. We stocked the pond for the kids yesterday and now it’s full of hungry Rainbows. The pond is also used for our Beginner Fly Fishing & Casting lessons; it will be a great amenity while the rivers are running high.
Come check out the new remodel in the fly shop open 8AM-7PM. The Almont Resort is in full gear, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The back patio & bar are open all day!

For all your Flies & Tackle visit;


March 2014

The Gunnison & East Rivers have opened up this week & the fish are hungry! We are taking reservations for spring & summer guided fishing trips.

Small mayfly nymphs (18-22) and midges (20-22) trailed behind larger
stonefly nymphs (6-10), Pheasant Tails or Copper Johns (12-14), trout
beads. Look for midges to hatch around mid day when it warms up.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly 6, Pheasant Tails
12-22, Copper John 12-18, Barr BWO Emerger 18-22, BWO Thorax 18-20
Green Red and Zebra Jujubee Midge 20-22, Zebra Midge 20-22.

Lead any of these flies with an egg or worm patern. When the water gets off color streamer fishing will be hot!

A few more week & we should be float fishing!

If you fish & stay with us this season, ask for the Stay & Fish 10% discount.

Fall fishing report

We have had one of the best fishing summers in years & fall fishing is starting out great. We should be able to guide float fishing & wade trips well into October & November. Salmon are in the river although the run seems a little lite compared to the past few years. The mountains are greener than I have ever seen (except where our first snow covered this week),& the river flows are fantastic. We have had great rains but none of the flooding the front range has & none of the fires like western Colorado.

Best fishes!


Sorry for the laps in the summer fishing reports, we had a glitch in our web building program this summer!

June 12 News flash!

No aerial spraying for mosquitoes this year.

The one day assault on insects that only killed the adults in the air for one day has been canceled for this year. Never having a report of West Nile Virus in Gunnison County the decision not to spray will save the County around $50,000 & 50,000+ AQUATIC INSECTS. Nice job to all those involved in stopping this nonsense!

Flows on the Gunnison peaked the last 2 days at 2,050 & this morning only reached 1,800CFS. Even with record breaking temperatures the major part of the runoff from snow pack is done now & rivers will be dropping rapidly.

What does this mean for the fishing? Drakes, caddis, stone flies & Yellow Sally Stoneflies are all starting to pop.


June 10th

Flows on the East & Gunnison are still rising with the warm temperatures. The Taylor was raised to 200cfs out of the dam on the 8th.

June 7th, 2013

It has finally stopped snowing and the fly shop is open 8AM - 5PM every day, we are in full swing for the summer season. We have the largest selection of flies, tackle & gifts we have ever have!

Sorry it has been so long since the last update but things here in Almont have been slow & Bone fishing in the Bahamas has been great!

Late spring snow has raised our snow pack to much better than last years totals. Contrary to yesterdays Crested Butte news paper ("Peak runoff past"), the Gunnison peaked higher today than the previous peak on the 29th of May. My crystal ball told me that we should hit the real peak sometime in the next week. When flows start to drop the fishing will start to turn on, I expect that the end of June through July will be great dry fly fishing!


Not great right now on the East, Taylor or Gunnison it's getting ready to go off soon. For now flashy & big, streamers, worms, stones, rubber legs, princess & bead heads.

Taylor Catch & Release, good but it get a bit of pressure during high runoff. Be ready to fish with a few friends (Jim, thank you for picking up other peoples trash everyday after your done fishing!!!)

Fishing conditions are changing daily so feel free to give us a call for more information 970-641-7404. Also if you haven't visited our Ebay store in a while, we now have more than 800 listings for flies & tackle.

Ebay link below.



The are reworking County Road 742 starting at the Almont Post office just past Three Rivers Resort for 2 miles. Three Rivers Resort, Almont Resort & the Almont Post Office are all accessible but there is a detour over Jack's Cabin Cutoff road to access the Upper Taylor Canyon and Taylor Reservoir. It is one of the worlds prettiest detours & only adds an extra 10-15 minutes. Plan for it & enjoy the Beautiful drive, Scenic River Tours are rafting people every day down the Taylor River just a few miles up the Canyon once you turn off Jack's Cabin Cutoff. If you are driving here from the Buena Vista side, you might consider taking Monarch Pass. Monarch pass is usually a quicker drive than going over Cottonwood Pass, just a few miles longer.

Best fishes,



June 1, 2013

On an articulated size 8 Black Sculpzilla Streamers,

floating the Gunnison River.

April 8th, 2013

The Unison is ice free & the midge hatches are great mid day through afternoon. Pat's rubber legs and other assorted nymphs, egg patterns & streamers are fishing well.

Looks like we ended the winter with another thin snow pack. Run off should be light & we should have great fishing starting now & into July!

March 21, 2013

The rivers around Valmont are all opening up & fishing is turning on!

October 21st

The fall weather & fishing has been especially pleasant! Day time temperatures are still close to 70 degrees & night time temps have been in the 20's & 30's. Although temps are mild, winter time flows are early this year. Egg patterns, midges, streamers & a few BWO's for the next few months then mostly midges until spring.

Taylor dam dropped the flows on the 15th to 50CFS, last winter 75 CFS was the low. Fish below the dam are especially spooky & leader shy, the usual winter tail water stuff with a little finer leader or fluorocarbon helps. Flows here in Almont are also low; 50CFS on the East & 94CFS on the Taylor here in Almont. Gunnison River in Gunnison, lowest in 85 years 200CFS. The trout in the valley don't seem to mind the low flows, the are healthy, large & plentiful although a little spookier. Seems like low snow years are always followed by big snow years & vice versa, so keep your fingers crossed for a good winter!

I'll be in the shop a few hours a day through the winter to pack & ship fishing gear & gifts around the world. If you would like to get in the shop, book a fishing trip or just ask a question, just give me a call!

Best fishes!


As always to order flies, tackle & gifts, check out our EBay store, 900 items and growing!
Almont Anglers on EBAY

September 4

Well that's about it for the float fishing except for the lowest stretch of the Gunnison above Blue Mesa or a kick boat. They shut down the Taylor from 200 to 100CFS this week & the East dropped to 50 CFS. All in all a great year & good flows compared to last year. This year we enjoyed great flows & floating starting in May until now, hosting many more trips than last year. Last year the rivers were blown out all of June until mid July making for a short season. Salmon are in the river in good numbers & the flies haven't changed much from the last report.

August 10th

These cloudy days & a little rain have really helped the fishing. Also ranchers are shutting down the irrigation ditches for the year which helps the river flows. Still floating trips from Almont all the way to Blue Mesa until September 2nd, then we will so what stretches are left.

Hoppers Sizes 6-12, ants 12-16, san juan worms 10-12. Glass bead RS-2's, Two Bit Hookers, BWO's, Psycho Princes and other small nymphs all small 18-20. Streamer fishing has been on some days as well. All the local rivers are fishing well.

July 27th

It was decided by the Upper Gunnison Water Board to drop flows a little earlier & keep them at 200cfs until September 2nd. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

July 15th

Dry fly fishing, nymphing & streamers have all been working well this week. Foam body & Slick water Caddis tan, olive & peacock sizes 12-16 have hooking trout all day long. Pat's rubber legs, Lex's sexy Stones & Twenty Inchers sizes 6-12 followed by Micro May's, Blue Psycho Nymphs & Two Bit Hookers 16-20 are working well. Tan streamers like Sculpzilla's & lead eye buggers 4-8 are turning lots of larger trout.

Flows out of Taylor Dam are scheduled to be dropped to 125 cfs on August 13th. This will make floating on the Upper Gunnison Difficult to say the least. We will see how well the lower Gunnison floats then. The Gunnison, East & Taylor are all fishing good-excellent! Call us to book a guided trip & enjoy some great summer fishing.

Flows around Almont; Taylor @ Almont 290cfs, East @ Almont 120, Below Taylor Dam 242, Gunnison @ Almont 410, Gunnison in Gunni 380, Upper Taylor 45-90 this week, Lake Fork 140. Click the links to the right for current stream flows.



July 9th

A nice Gunnison River Rainbow taken on a Twenty incher Size 8.

July 8th 2012

How to properly kiss & release a rainbow trout

Fishing & flows got a lot better this week with the arrival of the monsoonal rain flows. Rather than the fishing shutting down mid-day fish have been feeding well all day. Caddis, stoneflies & PMD's are hatching through the day when it is cloudy. Try Streamer fishing Sculpzilla's size 4-8 in the morning and sometimes through the day. Fish Pat's rubber legs sizes 6-12 for the many stones in the river, trailing nymphs like the Two Bit Hookers & pheasant tail nymphs sizes 14-18 is working well. Hopper dropper rigs on the sunny afternoons or straight out nymphing.

Flows around town; East River at Almont 130 CFS, Taylor River at Almont 350 CFS, Taylor below the Dam 350, Taylor above the Dam spiked up yesterday with the isolated storms from 60-120, Gunnison at Almont 480, Gunnison in Gunni 445, Lake Fork of the Gunnison 175.

Watch out for the lightning & fish well!


June 18th 2012

Fish are feeding on caddis all day long, then they are feeding on every thing dry for an hour or 2 mid-day. Early morning nymphs & streamers, then around 10:00 caddis & orange stones, 11:00 PMD's then the Drakes. 2:00 things slow down until we start getting some cloudy weather then things will go nuts! When things slowed down yesterday I put ant and beetle patterns behind my caddis & hooked a bunch. Fishing is good!!!

June 6, 2012

Flows are on the drop a month early this year & the bugs know it!

GET HERE NOW! If you like the best dry fly fishing of the year. Caddis are going crazy, stones are shucking & the PMD's & Drakes are starting to come off on the Gunnison.

Come enjoy our June stay & fish 10% discount! We are fishing every day with or without you!

May 29, 2012

The Gunnison River is flowing at 720 cfs a quarter of last year’s flows. Everything is easily happening a month ahead of last year, so get here and soon enjoy the great June dry fly fishing.

There have been some midges and BWO's hatches in late morning and on warm days in the afternoons. Look for all the dries to start hatching soon (caddis, BWO’s, PMD’s, Drakes, Stoneflies, yellow sally’s, etc.).

Flies: 20-Inchers 6-10, Pats Rubber leg Stonefly Nymph 6-10, midge larva (black, red, cream 18-22),small BWO nymphs 20-22, Copper Johns (black, red, chartreuse 18-20).Look for caddis, green drakes, BWO's, PMD's, and yellow sally’s  to start hatching soon. Streamer pattern (olive, black, natural, white 4-8), have been working quite well.


Taylor Catch & Release below Taylor Dam 254 CFS

Small midges,  nymphs, and Mysis Shrimp. Look for midges and small caddis to hatch as it warms up .

Flies: Black Stonefly patterns 6-10, Twenty Inchers 6-12. Various midge patterns 18-24, Jujubee midge 20

22, Jujbees,  Zebra and red 18-22, Red disco midge 18-22, Pheasant tail 20-22, Barr’s BWO emerger  18-20.


Taylor River at Almont 351 CFS

Look for midges to hatch throughout Taylor Canyon. We are also seeing caddis and BWOs.

Flies: 20-inchers 6-10, Pat’s rubber Leg stonefly nymph 6-8 and various small midges and mayfly nymphs. For rising fish try small (18-20) adult midge patterns and killer mayflies.


East River at Almont 379 CFS

Look for midges, caddis, BWOs to hatch mainly in the afternoons. The river is running clear with the high water peaked already, so fishing should be good.

Flies: Pat’s rubber leg stonefly nymph 6-8, black midges (18-22), small BWO nymphs 20-22, and black copper johns 18-20. For rising fish, caddis, BWOs, PMDs, and killer mayflies. Streamers Sculpzilla's & Beldar's Olive, black white & natural 4-8.

April 23, 2012


Gunnison River:
There have been a lot of midges hatching from late morning on, and BWOs have been hatching on the warm days in the afternoons.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph 6, midge larva (black, red, cream 18-22), small BWO nymphs 20-22, Copper Johns (black, chartreuse 18-20). For rising fish, try small adult midge patterns and Killer mayflies(size 18-20). Look for BWOs in the slack water (adult patterns, size 18-20). Streamer patterns (black, white, olive, natural 4-8).

Taylor Catch & Release below Taylor Dam
Small midges, nymphs, and Mysis Shrimp. Look for midges and small caddis to hatch as it warms up toward afternoon.
Flies: Black Stonefly patterns 6-10 Twenty Inchers 6-12 Various midge patterns 18-24, Mysis Shrimp 18-22, Jujubee Midge 20-22, JuJu Bee's, Zebra and Red 18-22, Red Disco Midge 18-22, Pheasant Tail 20-22, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-20.

Taylor River:
Look for midges to hatch throughout Taylor Canyon. We are also seeing
some caddis and BWOs.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph 6, and various small midges and mayfly nymphs. For rising fish, try small (size 20) adult midge patterns and killer mayflies.

East River:
Look for midges to hatch mainly in the afternoons. We're starting to see a few caddis and BWOs here and there.
Flies: Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph 6, black midges (18-22), small BWO nymphs 20-22, and black Copper Johns 18-20. For rising fish, try small (size 18-20) adult midge patterns and Killer Mayflies. Streamer patterns (black, white, natural 4-8).

Tight Lines,


March 29, 2012

I have lived & fished here for over 20 years, never have I seen a spring like this!

Flows have doubled in the last week making the water off color & pushing more food around for hungry fish. The Gunnison River is iced out & the float fishing trips are turning on early!

There are a few rising trout to midge clusters & BWO's, but nymphing & streamer fishing will be the way to go for a while. The "Gunnison Breakfast" (eggs & worms) is always a good lead rig to start with. Montana Fly Co. ties up a flashy worm & soft egg pattern that works great "Bacon & Eggs".

Other nymphs to try are; 12-22, Copper John 12-18, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-22, Trout Beads. Olive and Zebra Jujubee Midge 20-22, Zebra Midge 20-22. BWO
thorax emerger 18-20, Rojo Midge18-20, Red epoxy midges 18-20, Red
Disco Midge 18-22.

October 1, 2011

Fall is in the air & the leaves won't be in the trees much longer! Fishing just keeps getting better from here on until the snow really starts to fly.

Salmon are dropping their eggs & the Browns will be spawning soon so a bead egg or traditional egg pattern in a size 16 is a good bet. The usual fall mayflies are coming off mid day until dark, mostly grays & olives with a few mahogany's here & there.

The East, Taylor & Gunnison Rivers are all fishing well, mostly mid day until early evening. Flows out of Taylor Dam have remained at 350 cfs all of September but will be dropping at least 100cfs any day now, so get those last float trips from Almont down river in while you can. Floating from Garlic Mike's down should be good through October.

BWO's 16-22, parachute adams 14-22 & a few rust spinners will cover most of you baetis action. Most trout are being caught on smaller nymphs trailed behind a larger bug or egg pattern. Gray Sparkle wing RS-2's, WD-40's, Flash Bang Midges, Two Bit hookers, Barr's Emergers, Micro May Flies, BWO nymphs, Psycho Prices & Pheasant Tails all 18-22. Grass Hoppers haven't frozen out yet so hopper dropper rigs are still working well. Streamer fishing has slowed down a little but should be picking up again especially on overcast days.

The Hog Trough below Taylor has been fishing well, night fishing with shrimp has been excellent some evenings this last month.

August 8th, 2011

Flows in the valley are finally getting back to normal after a very long, long runoff! Hatches this year came off at the normal times but high water made it hard to fish. Most dry fly action has moved up in elevation above 10,000 feet. Fish are still holding close to the bank but are starting to spread out where the flows are calmer. Float fishing should be great though September & maybe into October.

For the East, Lower Taylor & Gunnison Rivers, small single or double nymph rigs with any indicator along the banks & in the deeper troughs. Some Blue Wing hatches on cloudy days but not much action on top with the exception of some good evening caddis hatches. Streamer fishing can be good early or late in the day.

For bugs in the area try; purple & blue psycho prince nymphs size 16, montana black princes, quasimodo pheasant tails, olive & tan caddis pupa sizes 16, two bit hookers black, olive & brown 16 & 18, olive JUJU Bees 16-20. For your top flies; hoppers, orange or yellow stimulators 10-16, BWO on a cloudy day 16-20.

In the high mountain stream hoppers, drakes, yellow sallies, caddis & stimulators 10-16, nymphs to match. Small cone head streamers off the cut banks work well.

July 16th, 2011

Finally the rivers are dropping & clearing, dry fly fishing is happening now!

The East has dropped in 1/2 this week to around 1,000 cfs today. The Taylor was bumped up this month from 400 to 900, then dropped down to 800 yesterday. All of the creeks above Taylor Reservoir are dropping quickly so flows out of the dam should keep dropping fast now.

Great stone fly hatches from Blue Mesa up to the C & R below Taylor. Drakes are coming off mid day & later from below Gunnison to Almont. PMD's, Caddis & Yellow Sally's are hatching as well but fish are only feeding tight to the banks still. Streamer fishing has been hot as well.

Link to the current river flows on the left. You can type in up to 120 days for the flow charts.

Come & get it!

June 6, 2011

Hold on here it comes!

The East & Taylor Rivers are into the road in front of cabin # 8. Looks like we are getting closer to peak run off, hopefully in the next week or so.

Upper Taylor is fishing well, flows out of the dam dropped to 500CFS.

Shrimp, stoneflies, barr's BWO emergers & eggs all fishing well. Lots of people in the 1/4 mile below the dam.

High mountain streams are fishing well in drainage's where snow has melted off.

Gunnison & East River, forget it! Low bridges, debris & mud.

Both Blue Mesa & Taylor are fishing well!

May 27, 2011

Good fishing with streamer patterns after hiking past snow drifts at Dead Mans Gulch. Water was clear after Doctors Park crossing.

Sprin Creek

May 1, 2011

Winter is still holding on this week, temperatures barley getting above 50 degrees. River flows are up & down with the temperatures. Bug selection has not changed much from last month.

East River 250-300 CFS this last week

Taylor River @Almont 270 CFS

Taylor out of the Dam was bumped up to 200 CFS

Gunnison River in Gunnison 700 Early in the week now 225 CFS

April 1, 2011


Rivers are almost all iced out & waters are clear & fishing is good!

Spring flows will start to change so check the links to the river gauges to the right!

Gunnison, East, and Taylor River Flows and Fishing Report

Gunnison River 270cfs
Small mayfly nymphs (18-22) and midges (20-22) trailed behind larger
stonefly nymphs (6-10), Pheasant Tails or Copper Johns (12-14). Look
for midges to hatch around mid day when it warms up as well as a few BWO's.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly 6, Pheasant Tails
12-22, Copper John 12-18, Barr BWO Emerger 18-22, Jujubee Midge 20-22,
Rojo Midge 20, Trout Beads.

Taylor River 150cfs

Small mayfly nymphs (18-22) and midges (20-22) trailed behind larger
stonefly nymphs (6-10), Pheasant Tails or Copper Johns (12-14), trout
beads. Look for midges to hatch around mid day when it warms up.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly 6, Pheasant Tails
12-22, Copper John 12-18, Barr BWO Emerger 18-22, BWO Thorax 18-20
Green Red and Zebra Jujubee Midge 20-22, Zebra Midge 20-22.

Taylor River- Catch and Release 107cfs
Rainbows are spawning, handle with care!!!

Trout Beads (carmel and yellow roe) midge patterns 18-24, Mysis Shrimp
18-22, Jujubee Midge 20-22, Brassie 20-22, Black Beauty 20-24, BWO
thorax emerger 18-20, Rojo Midge18-20, Red epoxy midges 18-20, Red
Disco Midge 18-22.

East River 80cfs

Small mayfly nymphs (18-22), trailed behind larger stonefly nymphs (6-10) or egg patterns (14). Look for midges to hatch around mid day when it warms up.
Flies: 20-Incher 6-10, Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly 6, Barr BWO Emerger
18-22, Flashback Pheasant Tails 18-22, JuJu Baetis 20, Jujubee Midge
20-22, Rojo Midge 20.

March 2011 Spring shop hours

Winter snow pack is well above average in Gunnison County!

Much of the Gunnison is icing out & the fishing reports are good

October 20th 2010

Fall fishing has been great! Our guide trips have been good this week late morning through late afternoon.

Fish are feeding aggressively on streamer patterns like the articulated Sculpzilla. Afternoon Blue Wing & midge hatches are making for some great top water action. Nymphing deeper runs with small dark nymphs sizes 18-22 is good any time of the day. Brown's are starting to spawn.

Flows out of Taylor Dam look to be 77 cfs for the winter now making wade fishing as easy as it gets.

October 4th 2010

Sorry it has been awhile, the computer crashed & it took me until now to catch up and put the web building program back up.

September was hot, clear & low. October looks like the clouds & chance of rain is starting right now, so look for fishing to turn on again. Nymphing with Blue Wing patterns has been good, but they should realy start hatching now. Some Browns are starting to pod up so between them & the salmon, leading your dark nymphs with an egg patern is a good way to go. Streamer fishing will start to turn on with the clouds & winter aproaching.

Good patterns include: BWO's 14-22, extended body BWO's 16-22, Furimsky's hi-vis BWO's. Barr's BWO bead head, flash back & wet emergers 16-20, BWO bead thorax emergers 18-20, Trina's Bubble Back emergers 18-20, skinny Nelsons 16-20, parachute Adams 12-22, red or tsn worms 12-16,juju bees olive, blu, zebra 16-22, pheasant tail flash backs & bead heads 16-22, egg patterns red, peach & cheese 16-18.

Salmon reports are more fisherman & less salmon. But salmon are larger as are some of the fishermen.

Work on the dam finished last week & flows went down to 200cfs, an hour ago they dropped it again to 137 cfs. Shrimp 14-20, Pheasant tails 16-22, juju bees 16-20, miracle nymphs, baetis & BWO's 16-22.

July 9th 2010

It's all hatching now & we are right in the middle of it!

This is best time for dry fly fishing (if you like that kind of thing)!

Caddis sz 12-16 & stone flies 6-10 are fishing well all day, PMD's sz 16-18 kick in around 11AM then the Green/Gray drakes sz 10-12 go off for 1-5 hours depending on their mood & afternoon cloud cover. Little yellow sallie's sz14-16, more caddis & some hoppers in the afternoon. If they aren't on the dries try the nymphs in the same plus Purple & Blue Prince Nymphs, zug bugs sz 12-18. Hatches will continue to move upstream towards CB and Taylor Dam though July, then it's back to mostly nymphing.


JUNE 16TH 2010



The East has dropped 1,400 cfs in 4 days and I can see the boulders poking out of the river again for the 1st time in 3 weeks. This is always the start of the best 6 weeks of dry fly fishing when the water drops, clears and warms. The lower Gunnison has seen a few Green Drakes and PMD’s this week. The Taylor & East near Almont has seen some stoneflies flying around and the Caddis are popping all over. Temperatures where cold last week, so big drop in flows. But after yesterdays warm temperatures, flows only came up a little. This weeks day time highs will be in the 70’s so flows will have peaks in the early AM hours then drop and clear until the evening hours.

Click on the gauging stations to the right to see more on the local river flows. You can enter up to 120 days history.

We have a ton of new fly patterns this year including some great stonefly nymphs & dries. Also more new tackle than we can fit in the shop. Hours are 7AM-9PM or later, stop in!

The fish are going to start feeding hard this week, come and get it!

MAY 1st

River flows are up and down with the weather. In early April the Upper Gunnison Basin was at 100% of average snow pack. Since then a few wind events in the last month have covered the snow with a red Utah dust and accelerated the snow melt and dropped the snow pack to just below average.

Fishing has very good lately with rivers temporarily dropping because of colder & cloudy days. Belldar cone heads & sculpzilla streamer patterns in black, olive & natural are pulling nice fish off the banks and in deeper water. Nymphing with eggs, worms, copper Johns & big stonefly patterns are producing nice fish as well. Dry action is limited to a few midge hatches & the odd BWO & Caddis.


Spring thaw is happening now! Fishing is improving on all rivers. Get out & fish!

Guided Fishing Trips Page

Water flows will drop from around 300cfs in mid November to 160-220 cfs in April. Trout in the Gunnison average 10-14" although many trout around 25 inches can be caught in the fall as they try to put on a few pounds before the Gunnison winter begins. Brown trout move out of Blue Mesa Reservoir into the Gunnison to spawn late October thru November and into December, followed by some egg hungry Rainbows from the lake. Approximately 80% of the fish are Brown Trout then Rainbows and a few cutthroats.

Winters have been mild the last few years leaving much of the Gunnison open year-round for fishing. During colder years the river freezes over solid in many places or shelves of ice extending off the bank for 2 to ten feet or more making wading or landing a fish very difficult if not dangerous(fish with a friend or guide). During extreme winters anchor ice scours the river bottom some days & ice blocks the size of small houses form in the river above Blue Mesa. Try fishing during the heat of the day fishing one of these small nymphs with a larger stone fly or egg pattern in front to get the trout's attention.

Winter flies are mostly nymphs including: Pheasant tails 14-20, prince nymphs 14-18, baetis & callibaetis nymphs 16-22, brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, copper johns black, green, copper, red 18-22, midge & midge emergers black, Baetis & callibaetis nymphs 18-24, Barr’s Wet Emergers PMD & BWO 18-22(also Barr’s Flashback & bead head), Rojo Midges Black, Olive, Red, Purple 18-22(I like the glass bead with the tungsten bead that gets it down quick in the short drifts), Pheasant Tail Nymphs 18-24, Tungsten Zebra Two-Tone (black/red, purple/red), Juju Baetis 18-22, STD Baetis Dark & pheasant 18-20, 18-20 brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, RS-2's gray, olive, tan 18­24, WD-40's gray & flash back 18-22, glass bead WD-40's black, gray & brown 18-22, miracle nymphs 18-22, olive, cream 18-24, streamers & wolly buggers 6-10.

Winter flows out of Taylor Dam are between 75-100cfs. At the Fly Shop in Almont where the Taylor meets the East & forms the Gunnison, flows are 100-160cfs.
In the winter Taylor canyon doesn't get much sun & the edges of the banks freeze up in many places. There are 14 miles of public water between Almont & the Reservoir but much of the Canyon is unfishable or dangerous once the snow falls.  Big Horn sheep have perished in the Taylor breaking through the ice. Winter driving in the canyon is much different than the drive from Gunnison to Crested Butte & for the experienced winter driver. Most of the road (21 miles from Almont to the Reservoir) winds along the river in a canyon with very little sun in the winter. Snow slides temporarily cover parts of the road in big winters so carry emergency winter gear and a full tank of gas. Fly patterns are similar to the Gunnison in the winter.
Travel time: from the fly shop 21 miles to the dam 1 hour + or -. From Gunnison 1 hour 20 min. + or -. From Crested Butte 1 hour 45 min + or-.
The 4/10ths of a mile of catch & release water below the damn sees little pressure compared to the rest of the year & it never freezes over. Wind can blow up canyon and freeze your rod guides, fingers & toes (Taylor Park has recorded temperatures of 70 degrees below zero with out wind chill). Or you may get a banana belt day with temperatures in the 30’s!


Fish during the heat of the day and bring all of your winter clothes; ski hat (no cowboy hats), fishing gloves slit finger, palm over finger (no ski gloves), hand warmers, and an extra set incase of accidental dunking. Most of the fishing is done standing on the snow banks not in the water, but waders should be large enough to wear extra layers while still leaving lots of air space, especially inside your boots! Boots with rubber soles don’t get as much snow build up on the bottom as the felt do. Wear your best winter camouflage to blend in with the snow banks! A thermos of your favorite hot beverage or soup is nice when you’re warming your fingers in the truck after landing that 28” Bow.

Fluorocarbon tippet & leaders do seem to land more fish in these tail waters! Dinsmore split shot is in a camo green & comes in many sizes helping with your stealth. A line anti freeze like “Loon’s Stanley Ice Off Paste” helps to keep your guides from freezing up every cast. Glass bead, black bead, dull finish beads or no beads at all on nymphs turns more fish than too much flash.


These state record trout get this big because of the mysis shrimp that come out of the Reservoir. So needless to say you shouldn’t be with out a handful. Mysis are size 14-22 and white with a small hint of pink or red when they are freshly dead from being shot out the dam tubes. Our favorite patterns are; Stalcup’s extended body, Sand’s Epoxy, Reid’s Ultra, Otter’s Dead, BTS, Palm’s, Pacific Fly Mysis & Solitude Mysis. MYSIS SHRIMP

Other winter tail water flies include lots of midges (30 degree water just doesn’t grow big bugs). Baetis & callibaetis nymphs 16-22, Barr’s Wet Emergers PMD & BWO’s 18-22(also Barr’s Flashback & bead head), Rojo Midges Black, Olive, Red, Purple 18-22 (I like the glass bead with the tungsten bead that gets it down quick in the short drifts), Pheasant Tail Nymphs 18-24, Tungsten Zebra Two-Tone (black/red, purple/red), Juju Baetis 18-22, STD Baetis Dark & pheasant 18-20, 18-20 brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, RS-2's gray, olive, tan 18­24, WD-40's gray & flash back 18-22, glass bead WD-40's black, gray & brown 18-22, miracle nymphs 18-22. "Remember these flies imitate the bugs that the fish see more of, don't be afraid to try any thing else in your box!"

The East River between Gunnison & Crested Butte is a quick easy fish if you don’t have all day (4 mile north of the fly shop).

The hatchery ponds are a great place to wet a line or learn to cast in the winter because the are warm spring fed & don't usually ice up, although it is a 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot to the ponds when the road closes due to muddy road conditions or big snow. Great eagle watching!

Fishing the East River from the hatchery outlet downstream to the Roaring Judy SFU Boundary is prohibited until October 31st for the salmon run. Approximately 1 mile of fly fishing only water along the hatchery offers good winter fishing unless the banks ice up a lot. The Roaring Judy Ponds are closed for the salmon spawn and then duck hunting until December 15th (check regulations book for hunting information). Try little little stuff, small red & black midge larva and midge emergers in the ponds.
Flies on the river are similar to the Gunnison & Taylor, maybe a few more eggs and flesh flies because of the end salmon run.


If you need to get in the shop or schedule a fly pick up or delivery,
Please call 970-641-7404


Great Blue Wing Olive hatches have started again some drakes, Mahogany Duns & caddis as well. Streamers are fishing well again, salmon are thick & dropping eggs & some of the Brown's are getting aggressive. Temperatures 40's at night, mid 60's & 70' during the day with afternoon showers, we have not had any big freezes yet so there are still plenty of grass hoppers flying around. Plenty of water still in the Gunnison to float & not much pressure.

Favorite patterns this week: Sculpzilla's 4-8, Belldar Cone Buggers 4-8, BWO BDE 16-20, Extended Body BWO 16-20, Adams & Hi-Vis Para Adams 12-20, Furimsky's Foam Gray Drakes 12-14, Red, Black or Blue Copper Johns 16-20, Craven's JuJu Bee 16-20, Micro Mayfly Mercer's Olive or Black 18-20.


Yours truly on the winning team, again. The SuperFlies that won: Black Sculpzilla #4, Black Sculpzilla #8, Furimsky's Hi-Vis BDE Blue Wing Olive #16,Royal Coachman #18.

Congratulations to the the SUPERFLY 2009 winners:

1st Place Team-Almont Anglers (Mark Day & Dale Uncapher) 141 5/8 inches
2nd Place Team-Mysis Pimps (Mindy Sturm & Gene Hart) 113 inches
3rd Place Team-Wind Nots (Diane & Jon Rogers) 106 ½
Top Rod-Dale Uncapher 71 ½ inches
Longest Fish-James Impara 20 5/8 inch Brown Trout

Thank You to all the volunteers, contestants and sponsors that made this fund raiser a great success. A very Special Thank You to the following people & businesses that contributed the prizes:

Ace Hardware, Acme Liquor, Almont Anglers, Almont Resort, Bruce Hoagland, Charlie Cravens, Crested Butte Anglers, Crested Butte Mountain Theater, Dan’s Fly Shop, Dennis Miller,Dragonfly Anglers, Gene Hart, Hazel Long, High Mountain Drifters, John Bocchino, John Roberts, Le Bosquet, Gunnison Brewery, Mike Beatty, Peter Hylander, Red Mountain Liquors, Rena Grossman, Ronnie Holtz, San Miguel Mountain & River Products, Scott Bickert, Thompson Creek Metals, The Gym, Three Rivers Resort, Van Rollo, Wilder On The Water, Willowfly Anglers.

AUGUST29TH 2 WEEKS TO SUPER FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Superfly is the main fundraiser for Gunnison TU. We hold this contest the first weekend after Labor Day at the Almont Resort. Two person teams compete to see who can catch the most inches of trout in one day using the flies of their choice. Besides the fishing contest, the Saturday night banquet includes bucket raffles, silent auction and door prizes. The entrance fee is $500 per team. Each contestant gets a fishing shirt and cap and meals. The meals include a buffet breakfast, box lunch and a steak barbecue dinner.

Friday night starts the fun. This is where you draw your beats (morning and afternoon), meet your guides (one per team), and swap lies. Free beer and hors d’oeuvres are served. Saturday morning begins with a buffet breakfast at the resort. Then you register and meet up with your guides to go fishing. Prizes are awarded Saturday night at the banquet for: top team, top rod, and biggest fish.

For lots more information and entry forms visit http://gunnisontu.org/superfly_main.htm

If you would like to volunteer as a fish measurer for Superfly call me!
Mark 970-641-7404 thanks!

AUGUST 26TH, Yes the kokanee are in the river.


Another salmon season is upon us & it looks like another good run! Here is a little information from the Colorado Division of Wildlife's web site http://wildlife.state.co.us/Viewing/Videos/KokaneeSalmon.htm they even have an underwater video!

"The kokanee, a land-locked Pacific sockeye salmon, is not a native fish of Colorado. The kokanee is, however, a very popular Colorado sport-fish.

In the fall, mature 3-5 year old kokanee instinctively head upriver or to the graveled shoals in lakes in search of spawning areas. During the spawn, both males and females turn reddish in color. Males develop a hooked-jaw and humped back while females maintain their regular shape. After spawning, the kokanee die; depositing eggs to produce the next generation is the last step of a mature kokanee’s life.

If you visit the DOW’s Roaring Judy Hatchery in the fall you can see kokanee in large numbers. These fish travel about 25 miles from Blue Mesa Reservoir (west of Gunnison) to the Roaring Judy Hatchery. This is the longest distance kokanee travel in the state. You may see their fins breaking the surface of the water—or even fish jumping out of the water—as they stack up at the bases of small waterfalls before continuing farther upstream.


Fishing has been very good this month, air & water temps have remained cool even though flows have been a little low. Dry dropper rigs have been fishing well with big stimulators and foam flies like the Fuzzy Wuzzy getting more hits than the dropper nymphs. Small nymphs like Mercer's Micro Mayflies, Zebra Tungsten Midges, Rojo Midges, Purple, Blue & Black Copper Johns & Psycho Nymphs all small sizes like 18-22's have been producing well sometimes weighted deep behind another larger nymph.


28 degrees in Crested Butte this morning, start the snow guns!

Fishing has been great, but all good hatches have to slow down some time. Mid-day hatches of Drakes, PMD's & caddis are still coming off on the Upper Taylor & in the high country but not so much below 9,000 feet. August is Hopper dropper fishing time as well as some stones, caddis, mahogany duns, yellow sallies & midge patterns like Barr's emergers. Streamer fishing this summer has stayed strong many days. Some PMD's & BWO's on the Gunnison on cloudy days. Evening fishing has been good most days .

Flows on the East are around 160 cfs, Taylor out of the dam is 350 cfs, 400 at Almont & 70 cfsish coming into Taylor res. The Gunnison is running 650 today and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison is down to 150 cfs. As always you can link to the current flows to the right.


Dry fly fishing has been good as it gets the last 2 weeks. Not a predictable hatch, like; (Drakes are moving upstream a mile a day) just kind of right place at the right time, coming off where ever they feel like up or down the river. Generally in a 5 mile radius of Almont this week.

Some hatches in the dozens lasting 1/2 an hour, some hatches in the thousands lasting 3 hours, (on sunny or cloudy days). Best fishing is between noon & 2pm give or take an hour on each end. Evening trips can also be great dry fly fishing the last few hours before dark.

Spin fishing has been great to the dismay of the purists, but streamer fishing is slowing down, (in the defense of the metal heads; cut off 1 or 2 hooks, de barb, & the spinner dude can get the fish in quicker & net or just lift the line out of the water forcep or plier the hook upside down & never touch most fish with net or hand. Thus making the landing process very very quick & painless,,,, naaaaaaa to easy!).

Gray/Green Drakes 10-14, PMD's 14-18, caddis olive & tan 12-18, Yellow Sallies 12-16, stone flies 4-14, nymphs to match.

You should be fishing now!




July 12 – “FISH WITH A FRIEND” Come join the local members of Trout Unlimited to learn more about how and where to fish here in the Gunnison valley on July 12th or August 5th, 8AM Wal-Mart Parking lot.

July 14 –FLY TYING CLINIC” with Dennis Miller at the “Almont Resort” 7PM. Bring your vise, materials, and tools for some hands-on instruction. Board/Membership meeting at 6 PM, fly tying clinic to follow.

These are FREE EVENTS! sponsored by the Local Chapter of Trout Unlimited, members & non-members welcome! For much more information visit http://www.gunnisontu.org/events.htm.




My very experienced re-turner boated 30 + fish today on size 4-8 Mystery Meats, Chew Toys 10-12 & Gray Drakes, all big foam dry flies.

Floated the last 3 days between 5 Mile Bridge and McCabes, (20 miles of water). Great mid day fishing! When the clouds, rain or hail comes over around noon, hatch on & every fish rising for 1, 2 or 3 hours, then slow until 5-6pm until dark, (after they have time to digest).

Bugs are coming off in a 15 mile radius of our shop, that means about 45 miles of great dry fly fishing around us; the East, Taylor & Gunnison Rivers, (sucks to be us). Big fat Foam Stones, then PMD's, Drakes, Caddis & Sally's.

Seems like to much rain or to much sun. Cloudy days have great hatches for 3-4 hours mid day, sunny days maybe 45 minutes. The rest of the time nymphing & streamers are the call. Copper John's, Drake nymphs, Caddis Pupa, Stone Nymphs, PMD Nymphs, Cone Head Buggers & some smaller 16-20 nymphs are fishing well when the hatch isn't on.

Thousands of Drakes on a cloudy day & hundred on a sunny day, either way fish are looking up. The East really cleared up for the 1st time 2 days ago & flows are dropping quickly. Forecast is for sunny sky's & hot days this week (mid & upper 70's). Fishing will turn off on the lower rivers at 2PM until cloud cover or evening hatches start. (so 1/2 day/mid day trips are the most productive now). The high country will start to turn on now & fish well all day. The mosquito spraying killed the fishing as usual from county road 10 down stream this week as usual, but the fish are feeling better now.

Float fishing is still technical, holding water is small & close to the banks. Water is dropping very quickly & bugs have to start hatching now & for the next 4 weeks as the hatch starts moving up the next 4,000' feet in elevation. Wade fishing is now an option on the East, Taylor & Gunnison!

JULY 4th

We have been on the river a lot this week, sorry for the lapse in updates. Hatches are picking up, great morning stone fly fishing with size 4-10 foam patterns like Mystery Meats, Fuzzy Wuzzy's, Chew Toys, & Orange or Royal stimulators. Great caddis, Pale Morning Dun, Gray Drakes & Yellow Sallies hatching mostly afternoon for an hour or more if we have cloud cover. Streamer fishing is still good with size 4-10 black, olive & tan. Fish are still holding in the water along the banks, sometimes tight in the brush (you will loose flies).

The rain has finally slowed down & rivers are dropping again. Flows on the East have dropped 400 or more this week & flows out of the Taylor are 496 CFS & 697 at Almont. The Gunnison has dropped 500 to 710 this morning.

Dry fly fishing should be great through July & in to August.


Game on, boys & girls! June 24th

NO RAIN TODAY! Pete & I floated our victims again today, 5 mile bridge on the Taylor River to North Bridge in Gunni today, (15 miles in 7 hours). My boat netted 30+ fish & missed as many (mostly afternoon). Pete's boat got a few more. Royal Stimi size 8, any Sculpzilla 4-8, caddis, Yellow Sallies 14-16 hooked up, but I think anything with a good drift would have worked for a few hours. No Drakes. Mostly Browns, a few Bow's & some new "Ranch" ? stocker Cut Bows & a cutthroat (Grand Slam!)

Flows out of the Taylor will increase for the River Festival this weekend from 500 to 700 cfs or so. Looks like the East may drop as much, & flows on the Gunni may remain steady.

June 23

Pete Gibbons & I had a 2 boat float from North Bridge to Coopers today, tough crowd. Lots of caddis PMD's, some Drakes, Sally's & a few stones on the water but few risers to naturals or ours. Each boat boated double digits but slow & a few hours of rain.

Seined the river low on the Gunni, lots of Drake nymphs, PMD's & sallies (GET READY!)

Note: Next weekend "Gunnison River Festival"

Gunnison River Festival

The Gunnison River Festival is coming this weekend! June 26th

It will be a great celebration for river lovers, but it may be tough for float fishers to avoid the rubber hatch at times (plan accordingly & maybe go for a walk/wade fish trip other than the Taylor & East). Or join a boat race, poker run, bird watch, etc. For more information on the schedule of events visit www.gunnisonriverfestival.com & join us at the Almont Resort & Almont Anglers (official sponsors), Sunday afternoon for the Bands & festivities.

Sunday June 21st HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Floated the lower Gunni below town mid-day today with good local fishing friends. Saw a good number of Caddis, PMD's & Drakes, as well as a few stones & yellow Sallies. A few fish taking naturals & imitations here & there, but seemed like the fish were not ready to feed much with the first sunny day in a while. Water temps are perfect for hatches in the mid 50's, we seined a lot of PMD & Drake nymphs close to the banks, but the weather needs to even out a bit & it looks like it will this week. Threw a lot of dries & nymphs, but saw the most fish on big blonde streamers but not a lot of takers.


Looks like the flows should really start dropping with only a 20% chance of rain a few days this week & fishing should be great. This should be the start of the best 6-8 weeks of dry fly fishing on the Gunnison, East & Taylor.

"Who'll stop the rain?" Saturday June 20th

Rain & a thunderstorm hammered our all day float today from Almont to White Water Park. East came up a bunch again (from the rain melting last weeks snow in the mountains)? Streamers, Caddis & Drakes boated fish today but the river is still high & fast. Happy birthday, fathers day & summer solstice to Howard (same day!) Good fishing with you & good luck in the Gunni Gorge the next few days with Gunnison River Expeditions your son Jack & your grandson Dan..

Sunday June 14th

Sorry it has been a while since the last report. Rivers were high & I got out of town for a week to float the Green with friends (no tout in this stretch just relaxing).


Time to talk fishing! Rivers are dropping quickly! Afternoon Caddis hatches are thick on the lower Gunnison now that water temps are approaching mid 50's. Wading is still tricky in many places but the float fishing is great! Fish are still hitting streamers early but caddis & big stone dries like the "Mystery Meats" are turning fish as well as dropper nymphs like 20 inchers, copper Johns & Drake nymphs.

Basically flows on the East River today are half of last years flow.

East flows

Flows into Taylor Reservoir are also way down from last year.

Taylor Park flows

What this means for you trout bums is this is the start of the best 8 weeks of dry fly fishing. Hatches will come off almost a month earlier than last year as the water drops & warms. Look for stones to start coming off as well as caddis, BWO's, PMD's, yellow sally's & of course Green Drakes!

Wednesday May 20th

Even though flows out of the Taylor dam have more than doubled this week, the flows into Taylor res. & the Gunnison River flows have dropped the last few days. Got to fish a nice piece of private yesterday, 6 miles up the Taylor "closed to wade fishing". Landed 8 wild Browns to 16", had what must have been at least a 5 pound Brown hooked, then jumped out of the water right as the knot came undone. *^%$ing GUIDE! Always, always tie an improved knot on heavy line & size 4 Sculpzilla's! James caught a dozen to 24"s on "The Gunnison Breakfast", eggs & worms.

My forecast for Memorial Day weekend is "partly to mostly weather". NOAA says 40-60% chance of rain thru the weekend temps low 40's @ night & low 60's during the day. Rivers will drop & clear so fishing should be good! Wading is difficult but the fish are up on the banks any way. Floating & casting to the banks is great at high water.

To help plan your fishing check the flow links to the right & local weather to the left.

Please be safe on or near the water. Stuff is floating down the river & bridges are low. "Go with a Pro".

Sunday 17th

Floated the Lower Taylor twice yesterday, flows doubled the end of the week. Fish are looking for new holding water & not easy to tease to the fly. Had fewer chases than Wednesday & fewer hook ups. Water temps at 5 mile bridge are upper 30's-low 40's in the morning & rising to 50 degrees by evening, still to cold for any major hatches. Few dark size 16-20 caddis & size 16 BWO's on the water. C & R below the dam is fishing good with lots of shrimp coming out of the reservoir. Pike are cruising the banks on Taylor Reservoir & fishing has been on. Spring Creek is fishing well & the ice on the reservoir is gone.

Taylor River Flows

Wednesday 13th

Floated 5 mile bridge on the Taylor to the fly shop again today, got out & waded a bunch too. Tried a few different streamers but the Sculpzilla was hard to put down. LDR'd a ton of fish (long distance release), landed a few to. Because the water is as high as it's been yet with the snow melt, water temps were 41-47 so no caddis, stone or BWO hatches like we saw last week. GREAT FISHING! Fast action on the streamers! The bite is on & once again, no one fishing but us.

Taylor River

Taylor River Brown

Tuesday 12th

Fished the Roaring Judy Hatchery Ponds this morning, hits on gray glass bead WD-40's. On Spring Creek caught some Browns on size 8 Black/Peacock Streamers, water is up in the banks visibility a foot or so. Nice Bow at 5 mile Bridge on the Taylor River on the way home.

Taylor River Rainbow

Monday, May 11th

Took turns at the oars with another guide this evening 5:30-8:00 (Happy Hour), put on at 5 mile bridge to the fly shop (5 miles). Saw what must have been drake spinners (early?) & a few caddis at the boat launch. Tried a drake, double dries, Caddis & Stimi's & a few droppers, but streamer turned all the fish we boated. The Black or Olive cone Buggers & Sculpzillas turned dozens of trout to 18 inches, lots of action! Talked with the guys from Duranglers & Fly Currents at the bar after floating & a bunch of them had a great day below the damn hooking Bows to 29 inches. Flows out of Taylor have been steady at 111 cfs all week but are scheduled to go to 200 in the next 4 days (we'll see).

Sunday, May 10

Took some beginners up Spring Creek today. Caught 5 or 6 Browns & Bow's to 12 inches, on cone head buggers, (Black & Peacock size 8). Got to windy to try dries or nymph fish and the cone heads were heavy enough to get up under the banks for the short drifts. Water is clear & you can see the chase, but creek is up over the banks a little. Spring Creek Reservoir (10,000 feet) will be 100% ice free in another day or 2. Almost made it to the inlets but we were already the 1st to bust through a few snow drifts & there were few vehicles around to pull us out if we got stuck, 2 more warm days. Also fished a few hours on the lower Taylor. We caught a few more on dries (Orange, Stimi Chew Toys & Gabriel's Trumpets Black as dropper good Drake Nymph).

Saturday, May 9th

East & Gunnison have reached their 1st peak of the year, head for higher ground or the tail waters!

Sunday, May 3

The Lower Taylor & Spring Creek are clear to tea color & fishing well. Some BWO, Caddis, Midge & stoneflies hatching with the nymphs working best. Taylor Reservoir is starting to thaw around the edges, Lakers, Pike & trout are starting to cruise the banks. East & Gunnison River flows have not dropped much with the cooler temps, but clarity has cleared today to about a foot.

General rule of thumb is; the clearer the water, fish a finer tippet & a smaller less flashy pattern.

Nymphs include Twenty Inchers 6-16, Double Bead Peacock stones 8-16, Pheasant Tails 12-18, Green Drake nymphs 14-16, hare's ears 12-16, Gabriel's Trumpets black & gold 14-16, Black, Red,Purple & Green Copper Johns 14-20, Caddis Pupa 16-18, Mottled Bead Eggs peach & pink 14-18, worm's 8-12.

Thingamabobbers, good!


Some days dries like Parachute Extended Body BWO's 16-20, Parachute Midges Gray, Black, Olive 20-26. Some days streamer patterns are kicking butt, Belldar Cone Head Buggers olive, skunk, black & red 4-8, Sculpzilla's white, natural, olive, black 4-8 also bead coachmans 12-16.

Friday, May 1


Here is a sample of the graphs you can create.

East River flows April 24-July 2nd last 10 year history.

10 years east

Also here is a copy of the Projected Releases from Taylor Reservoir for 2009. Flows out the damn should start doubling soon.

Taylor Release Forcast 2009

Wednesday, April 29

Cooler temperatures, snow & clouds have brought the flows back down temporarily. The East & Gunnison Rivers rivers are that great "Gunni Green" color & fishing well with more Blue Wings & Caddis coming off. Gunnison float fishing is good with black, tan, white & olive streamers pulling fish off the bank.

The Lower Taylor has evened out again, is clear & fishing well, flows at Almont are around 270 cfs today down from a high of 400 last week

The Hog Trough is getting a lot of spring pressure but seems like everyone is hooking up at least 1 or 2 photo fish a day. Red or black midge larva 18-22, PT's 20-24, Baetis emergers 20-24 & lots of shrimp 14-20. Many fish still on the reeds for a few more weeks so try & lead with a small bead egg pattern, I'm beginning to believe more & more in Fluoro! Flows still 100.

Mild temps until the weekend then more clouds & I slight chance of rain & snow should make for great fishing through at least next week before the next chance of higher water.

East River

April 26

Hiked SOB trail into the black Canyon for the weekend, 1,800 vertical feet in 1 3/4 miles. So-so fishing they dropped the flows 100 cfs for 24 hours, then back up 100 right when we got there. Lots of black caddis sz 12-14 & large dark BWO's 16 coming off. Water was brown & visibility only 6 inches. Caught Brown's to 18" on caddis dark pupa sz 14, Double bead 20 inchers sz 6-10, worms. Nothing on streamers or dries although a few fish rising.

Black Canyon


April 22 "Things are happening early this year."

East River Gauge

The East River more than tripled the last 3 days and visibility this morning is under 12 inches. Looks like the best fishing for a while along the East this week will be the Roaring Judy Hatchery Ponds.

Taylor River

The Taylor flows increased out out of the damn 25 cfs yesterday but feeder creeks spiked the river at Almont to almost 400cfs last night up from 225 yesterday. Visibility on the Taylor at Almont today is just under 2 feet.

I am adding links in the right column starting with the USGS river gauges from the local waters. Pictures are from last year USGS.

NOAA says the rest of this week, day time temps in the mid 60's & nights getting just to freezing. Possible snow and cloudy weather may slow or lower flows next week.

April 21, 2009 "And the river she rises, just like she used to do."

Flows are on the rise and visibility on the East & Gunnison is 12 inches or less, although they have yet to release more out of Taylor Reservoir that remains gin clear with some off colored water coming in from the feeder creeks like Spring Creek. Fishing is very good now but expect the East & Gunnison to get difficult unless you are fishing from a raft, cat or dory. Fish will be moving to the banks in the calmest spots holding on with their teeth. Trout will get off the couch & eat if the calories are worth the effort. This is the best time of year if you like to slap & drag large streamers inches off the banks. Trout will also hold in slower riffles & deep water, where the "Gunnison Breakfast" an Egg pattern & a San Juan Worm will do well. Also large Stone Fly nymphs, drake nymphs & caddis pupa are on the move.

April 19, 2009 Great day floating the Gunnison "Almont Resort-White Water Park".

Trout were still keyed on salmon fry. As always on a good streamer day you see a lot of big, big fish, but you don't always hook up. I made 3 casts in a row today to 3 different big fish that smacked at my Black size 4 Sculpzilla each time it hit the water (missed all of them).

April 18, 2009 "Set them free!"

Last night the Colorado Division Of Wildlife released the salmon fry at the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery. Heard up & down the Gunnison "That fish was puking #@!%#$! salmon!" Fishing was good size 22 BWO's (right).

April 14, 2009 Fishing is fantastic now & so is the weather.

Yesterday on the Gunnison we had sunny skies air temperatures in the upper 50's & water temperatures in the upper 40's. My 1st fish of the afternoon was a fat 16" rainbow on a bead head Halfback nymph size 12. Didn't change flies much the 2 hours I fished, but had several other fish over 14 inches, on a bead Black North Fork stone sz 14, bead Royal Coachman sz 14 and a Gunnison River Special sz 8.

This is the time of year the guides come out of hibernation & really start fishing. Most of the locals have left town, the rivers are just starting to warm, the insects are on the move & fish are hungry!

Weather the next few weeks should keep the rivers just the right flows and a "Gunny Green" color that makes the fish a little more aggressive & apt to hit your flies a lot more! Midge & Blue Wing Olive hatches are happening on some sunny & some cloudy days. When this happens we have seen the water boiling with rises!

Fishing below Taylor Damn has been good to excellent this last month. Lots of shrimp are coming out of the damn and the Rainbows are spawning. Flows should be increased any day but have been steady all winter at 75 cfs.

If you have the luxury to plan a last minute spring trip check weather forecasts & predicted flows (links below), or give us a call.

May & June might produce some of our best spring fishing in years if temperatures stay as warm as they have been. Last years record snow kept rivers high, making July, August & September great.

Tight lines,

Mark Day